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Get clicks with BC.VC Autoclicker URL Bot

Get clicks with BC.VC Auto clicker URL Bot

post-feature-image is the new shorten URL service appeared on Internet. It is also pay and have high rates for shorten link ads. It pay you when any visitor open your link and click on skip ad. But if he/she do not click you can also get money but not much. It is the big advantage for us because to earn money by views auto clicker are mostly used. Bc-vc are very popular now a days on internet. It is the world wide shorten link or url service. You can also able to get paid by sharing your shorten links and urls to social networks link the most popular network Facebook, Twitter or in comments and popular fourms. To get clicks to your shorted links let I represent you the most faster and advance auto clicker url bot. It is very popular tool to get bcvc click with easy access to your links. It allow you to get thousands of clicks and views to you shrink URLs or links. Bcvc auto clicker is a solution to all your view problems. It can effect your earning every day.
Why we choose BC-VC Auto clicker URL Bot:
It work much faster than other bot.
Unlimited clicks.
Free to use. 

                                                                 How to use auto clicker :
1- Download the program ( The link is below with no survey )
2- Run HMA VPN ( Google it ) 
3- Put your link in a text File
4- Load the text file
5- Click Start

Get clicks with BC.VC Autoclicker URL Bot

Jingling Auto Clicker free Download

Jingling Auto Clicker free Download


In this Post i will tell you about a chines software named in 'Jingling-481553'
It create visitor or Traffic for Traffic for websites and short URL Chines hack create it it increase traffic for you website you can add 3 websites or 3 short link this version is created in chines language so i translate some step for you it it work automatically no any proxy needed for it It automatically found proxy and give click to you web or short URL
Translation is given images.
Follow me Step-By-Step
It is use for website Traffic or for shorten link to increase earningLike (Adfly, Shortest, linkbucks-etc) create your account if you want to earn money 
First if all Download Jingling tool
Add you 3 or 4 web or short URL it start automatically

Download Now Jingling-481553

Jingling Auto Clicker free Download

Get clicks and traffic with Visitor Maker

How to get clicks and traffic with Visitor Maker:

In this Post i will tell you about how to use Visitor Maker v1.2
 It is use for increasing traffic Websites it is created a professional hacker and i Download it from {}
it work fast and easy to use This bot use Proxies for clicking you Websites and increase Traffic and Clicks Every easy to use
Follow me Step-By-Step
Download Now Visitor Maker Tool
Open Downloaded File and Extract here
open Visitor Maker and Load Proxies you can Download Proxies from this post
add you Website address
Set Agents it is open your website on it like (Firefox,Google chrome.etc)
Set Referrals it is for you link like (if your link is on Facebook, twitter, DailyMotion, Blog,YouTube.ETC
Load Agents and Referrals from Visitor Maker tool folder open it and go to Data Agents and referrals are present here load then
After that start it
Enjoy! for other traffic tools come to my blog  

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MultiTool - Bots for Paidverts, BTCClicks, Buxvertise and Digadz

FaceDominator v2 (worth $499) - Ultimate Tool To Facebook

FaceDominator may be a tool that is extremely helpful for managing and automating your facebook ad campaign. Learn additional regarding FaceDominator options with our Case Studies to assist your business. 

Facebook is largest social networking web site with over 750 million active users. It's second most well-liked web site in world with large daily traffic from completely different countries. Due its distinctive infective agent options like facebook application, fanpages, groups, events, exposure tagging, wall updates etc and with an automatic tool, its straightforward to induce infective agent targeted traffic. 

FaceDominator may be a tool that is extremely helpful for managing and automating your facebook ad campaign. It's associate "All in One" tool which might produce unlimited numbers of facebook accounts, adds friends in those accounts, produce fanpages and build them infective agent, post on wall of grops/fanpages etc. 

In short, It helps you to manage and alter every and each activity of your facebook ad campaign. Its a wonderful tool for infective agent facebook selling. the facility and convenience of this tool may be a MUST- HAVE for anyone needing quick and effective facebook traffic! 


-Facebook Account Creator
-Account Profile Creator
-FanPage Creator
-Wall Posters
-Auto cluster Joiner
-Targeted Friend Adder
-Campaign Manager & computer hardware
-Multithreaded & Proxy Support
-Support Captcha Bypass
-And more....



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Tweet Attacks Pro 2 (v5.5) Amazing Twitter Robot 2013

Tweet Attacks Pro 2 (v5.5)

The New Best Twitter Tool for immediate Traffic and Money!

Everyone is aware of that Twitter is therefore sensible to induce Traffic and Sell product to create cash. What we tend to solely want could be a sensible tool to assist United States to automatise our work and do the large-scale operational, in order that we will create additional money!

The previous TweetAttacks was the simplest Twitter too, however it's been illegal by Twitter. currently the New TweetAttacksPro comes out, it's far better than the previous one and can ne'er got illegal. therefore if you recognize however nice the twitter is for traffic and cash, you must  Grab this Baby Now!

Run thousands of twitter accounts in 7*24 hours

Run all twitter operation for any quantity accounts base on your settings

The software package will run thousands of twitter accounts at an equivalent time to auto-follow, unfollow, follow back, tweet, retweet, reply, send message to your new followers..etc. each account will have itself settings and defend the account got suspect by twitter. and therefore the software package can simulate human's operation perfectly!

Account(s) Manager

Manage accounts by class, show all account details, terribly clear!

The Account Manager is extremely clear to save lots of your accounts by class or campaign, you'll see all necessary details of the accounts in one table - terribly clear! And after you choose accounts to run task, you'll solely choose one class or multi-category acccounts to run the task, this may assist you manage your campaign with accounts o.k..  

The main functions within the account manager kind area unit add account class,  add account, import accounts, export accounts, delete accounts, check the main points of elite acccounts, bind proxy with account.

Bind Proxy!

More security and avoid to ban

Bind Proxy is that the perform to allow you to bind accounts with pointed proxies and later program can use this proxy with this acccount all the time. this may create your account abundant safe. Twitter doens't need to examine {you area unit|you're} in USA currently and so your are in European country once one min.

You can set each account use a distinct proxy, you furthermore mght will set each two or X accounts to use one same proxy. It can also use the normal proxy rotate thanks to use a distinct proxy everytime once account login. it's terribly good, all is up to your settings.

Very simple to make powerful Task(s)

Comprehensive settings allow you to be in a position run any operation for the account

The software package provides terribly simple interface and really wealthy settings to you, in order that you'll produce terribly good task simply.

Follow, Follow Back and Unfollow !

Fully mechanically Follow, Follow Back and Unfollow - therefore easy!

This allows you to follow/unfollow folks absolutely mechanically. you'll search folks via keyword, import folks from file and follow different people's followers. you'll set the number you wish to follow/unfollow everytime, most follow/unfollow quantity per day and interval time etc... Check the image for additional details.


Powerful Tweet Functions, Get Traffic albeit you do not have followers

The Tweet perform allow you to produce any quantity tweet tasks, all tasks will run at an equivalent time, will run at anytime and might run any times. {you will|you'll|you'll be able to} set one tweet message for whole task otherwise you can set totally different tweet message for each account, you furthermore mght will use spinnerchief api to spin your tweet messsage mechanically, in order that there's no duplicate message sent. and therefore the tweet task will stop mechanically once run it slow, and can also run all the time, all is up to your settings. the simplest a part of tweet task is that you just will use "@mention" perform in your tweet message, program can search folks mechanically base on your keyword, therefore these folks can still get your messsage even they're not following you. TwitterAttacksPro conjointly save the main points of the running of the tasks, you'll check the results and statistics terribly clearly!


Realtime Watch, Realtime ReTweet!

ReTweet permits your to make unlimit ReTweet tasks to create your accounts appearance terribly active. Program will batch-ReTweet the searched tweets base on your keywords, can also watch the new tweets realtime and retweet them quickly. you'll choose that accounts to retweet and the way several tweets each account retweet.  The statistics is extremely clear to indicate you the main points and results of the tasks running.


Batch-Reply, RealTime Watch, RealTime Reply and RealTime Traffic!

Reply will bring  you instant traffic terribly presently. It will watch the tweets realtime base on your keywords and reply them at the primary time. you furthermore mght will search tweets to reply in batch and you'll set one reply message for whole task, or set totally different reply message for each account. All reply may be spun exploitation spinnerchief API, in order that your reply are going to be not duplicate. the simplest a part of reply task is that you just will use "@mention" perform in your reply message, program can search folks mechanically base on your keywords, therefore these folks can still get your messsage even they're not following you. you'll choose that accounts to reply and the way several reply per account post, terribly good and powerful. The all-sided run log and statistics can show you the results terribly clearly.

Direct Message!

Batch-send non-public message to any or all your followers!

Direct message permits you to batch-send non-public message to any or all your followers. you'll choose that accounts to send message and exploitation the spun message. It can also send a message to your new followers mechanically.

Content Manager!

Manage all messages, contents, tweets, comments etc... at one place.

Conntent Manager is that the place you add/edit/manage your frequently-used message, tweets, comments etc...You can manage them by class and import/use these content after you produce task.


Proxy, Captcha finding And SpinnerChief API

Settings is that the place you'll set threads quantity, timeout, proxy, captcha finding resolution and spinnerchief api. you furthermore mght will move to the support forum and send United States email there.

Secret Functions!

Some secret killing funcions area unit in development
We area unit adding some super killing functions that you just ne'er consider, these functions are going to be updated in two weeks. however the value at that point are going to be accrued positively.

TwitterAttacksProII could be a just one occasion purchase, it's NOT a membership program. the acquisition value could be a single laptop license and entitles you to run one copy of the software package with one free license transfer per month, any bug fixes and minor upgrades area unit utterly free for homeowners of TwitterAttacksProII .

TwitterAttacksProII has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows seven and Windows eight and it's judicious to own a screen resolution larger than 1024x768px for best interface show attributable to the big quantity of practicality.



Adfly Bot Works With Adfocus too - 2015 Updated

Adfly Bot Works With Adfocus too - 2015 Updated

Adfly Bot Works With Adfocus too - 2015 Updated

Adfly Bot Works With Adfocus too - 2015 Updated

Here i am providing is the best and only working bot which can also works for just download and boost your earnings for sure.

I am providing free proxy resources too by which you can able to find good HTTP anoymous proxies used bythis awesome bot.

So Here It Is.



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